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Baby Names I Love But Won't Be Using 2019!

Today I am sharing my top 10 baby names of 2019 that I won't be using for my children! These are super edgy and unique and I know you will love them all. I am currently pregnant with my baby number 5 and we have recently changed his name to something my husband and I both love so we tell you what name we were going to be used prior! Let me know in the comments below which one was your favorite along with any other ones you want to show to give others some great ideas! Baby Names Playlist! -

29 Weeks Pregnant... My Birth Plan, Weight Gain and Symptoms

I am 29 weeks pregnant and it is time to share with you everything going on with this pregnancy. I have an update on my birth plan, pregnancy weight gain, symptoms and all the struggles I am facing at this point of my pregnancy!


Complete Disaster Clean With Me 2019 and let me tell you my house needed this cleaning routine big time. I want thank Dyson for sponsoring today's video and helping me with my spring cleaning and tackling my upstairs. Hope this video is some amazing cleaning motivation music for you to get your house cleaned!

MOM Morning Routine 2019 || Pregnant Mom of 4

As a pregnant mom of 4 having a morning routine is a must to ensure everything gets done and ready for the day. Let me know in the comments below what you do differently for your morning routine and I hope you have an amazing day!

Kitchen Organization Ideas And declutter With Me

Since moving into our new house I have been wanting to do a declutter and organize video because I feel like you always bring stuff from your old house that you no longer need. All of the items I picked up were from William Sonoma or The Container Store to complete this hack, how to and organizing video.

Night time routine 2019 as a pregnant mom of 4!!!

Night time routines are by far my favorite! As a Stay at home mom with 4 kids and pregnant with our 5th, I can say that we truly don't do anything crazy different than anyone else would with less kids.


I went through the girls room top to bottom which was in need of some major cleaning. I had them help me organize, declutter and tried to teach them a cleaning routine that hopefully over time they will be able to help with on their own! Hope this video is some amazing cleaning motivation for you to get your house cleaned!

CUTEST Baby Gender Reveal Ever! Baby #5

We are so excited to announce the gender of our baby with you all. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and have had a feeling the whole time I knew the gender of the baby but once I found out I was so shocked! Now it is time to tell our Youtube family and tell you if it is a boy or girl! Enjoy the baby gender reveal and if you haven't seen the article on check it out here:

19 Weeks PREGNANT Update- BIG NEWS and Belly Shot!

19 Weeks Pregnant update sharing all the juicy details about weight gain, belly shot, pregnancy symptoms, and some really big news I cant wait to share with you about when the gender reveal will take place! If you to are pregnant let me know in the comments below how many weeks you are! And cant wait to see you in my next pregnancy update!

Extreme Konmari Method Closet Declutter! || Clean With Me

Today I did an extreme konmari method closet declutter and clean with me that was long overdue since moving into our new house! In October when we moved in I just transferred everything over without eliminating items before that didn't spark joy. The Marie Kondo konmari method is extremely helpful with eliminating clutter from your life and the closet is a great place to start with a clean with me 2019!

Marie Kondo Top Tips For Success To Spark Joy

Konmari method tips for success to spark joy inspired by Marie Kondo. I have been using the Konmari method for years and through the process of decluttering, determining what sparks joy and how to go about the different steps, I have learned a few things that I want to share with you today. Make sure you hit the subscribe button for all my new Konmari videos coming out along with declutter, organization and cleaning! Konmari Method Declutter Playlist! -

What I Eat In A Day Pregnant || Vegan Mom

What I Eat In A Day Pregnant || Vegan Mom. These are some of my favorites meal ideas of what i eat in a day to nourish my baby as a pregnant mom of baby #5.

Healthy Plant Based Dinner Ideas || Vegan Friendly

I have been holding out on sharing these vegan and plant-based recipes with you all but now is the time and I am so excited to share these favorite dinner ideas with you. These are all plant based and incredibly delicious and I want you to let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite!


I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant and 3 days, my due date is July 4th and I cant wait to meet baby! If you have any pregnancy questions for me please leave them in the comments below! And if you want to follow along and answer my questions as well, please feel free to do so! xoxo Hope you have an amazing day!

HOMESCHOOL Day In The Life Of A Mom of 4!

My Homeschool day in the life of a mom of 4 kids while pregnant with my 5th! This is a real representation of what my day looks like being a mom and not always being on schedule and not having everything go as planned! Hope you enjoy it and look forward to share more day in the life videos with you in the future! SAHM for the win!

COMPLETE DISASTER Whole House Clean With Me 2019! Cleaning Motivation!

This cleaning routine is also a collab with with my sweet friend Amanda for This Crazy Life and she is also doing a whole house cleaning routine for you to binge watch after this video! This cleaning routine took me over 6 hours to complete and being 16 weeks pregnant might have slowed down a couple of times but I didn't let it stop me! Let's get cleaning!

10 Healthy Habits That WILL Change Your Life In 2019!

I am so excited to share with you all these 10 healthy habits that will change your life because I know they have changed mine! With these easy healthy habit tips you can also make a huge change for you and slay your day and get motivated. #healthyhabits #getmotivated #mykastauffer


CLEAN WITH ME 2019!!! VALENTINES House Tour Decorate With Me! Time to get ready for Valentines Day and get your house cleaned in the clean with me and decorate with me house tour! #cleanwithme #cleanwithme #mykastauffer

13 Week Pregnant! Finding out the Gender, Contractions and BABY Movement

13 Week Pregnant! Finding out the Gender, Contractions and BABY Movement in this video update! This will be baby number 5 for our family and I am starting to show that you will see in the belly shot and even feeling flutters from the baby :) #pregnant #13weeks #pregnancy #mykastauffer

Huge GIVEAWAY 2019!!! 2 WINNERS iPad, APPLE WATCH, Makeup Giveaway LIVE!! free makeup

Huge GIVEAWAY 2019!!! 2 WINNERS iPad, APPLE Watch, Makeup Giveaway OPEN INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY live!! Thank you for entering into my 500,000 SUBSCRIBER Giveaway 2019! This is my way of saying thank you to everyone who supports my channel and there are tons of amazing prizes including an Apple Ipad, Beats Solo3 Headphones, Apple Watch, Tiffany's necklace, Michael Kors Clutch and TONS and TONS of makeup! Make sure you checkout all of the ways to enter to increase your odds of winning and I love you guys and thank you for all of your massive support!

Marie Kondo Dollar Tree VS Target Fridge Organization! | Declutter & Organize With Me!

Marie Kondo Dollar Tree VS Target Fridge Organization! || Declutter & Organize With Me! Dollar Tree and Target are going head to head challenge on my channel today to see which one has better home and kitchen organization supplies for your fridge! Is it truly worth it spend more at target or can you get the same look at Dollar tree! Hope you liked these kitchen organization ideas! Let me know in the comments below your vote, which fridge organization turned out better! And if you have another Dollar tree vs target challenge organize with me Idea let me know in the comments below! Love you guys. #dollartree #target #organization #mykastauffer

After Dark Clean With Me | Cleaning Motivation Huge Disaster

Here is my after dark clean with me routine from the after Christmas disaster clean up! This is some major cleaning motivation regardless of what time of the year it is to get your house back in order! Be sure to check out my other cleaning routine videos at the link below! #cleaning #cleanwithme #mykastauffer

13 Unique Baby Names I love and Might Be Using! New Names You Haven't Heard Of!

13 Unique Baby Names I love and Might be Using! These names are edgy unique and new names you might not have heard of! Let me know in the comments below your all time favorite baby name and let me know what you think about my list! #babynames #boynames #girlname

What I Got My Husband for Christmas! Gift Ideas for Husband: Boyfriend

What I got My husband for Christmas! Gift Ideas for Husband: Boyfriend this holiday season. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I have had so much fun picking out gifts for my husband and the presents I got him are going to be perfect! These all are perfect gifts for boyfriend too!

16 CRAZY Gender Prediction Test You MUST See! Pregnancy Old Wives Tales!

16 CRAZY Gender Prediction Test You MUST See! Pregnancy Old Wives Tales put to the test and I am excited to see which ones were right with this pregnancy. I am about 10 weeks pregnant as of filming this video and a lot of these pregnancy gender test are spot on to what I am suspecting this baby to be! Boy Or Girl? We will find out soon enough so be sure to subscribe to not miss out on my gender ultrasound and pregnancy updates

Sunday Cleaning Routine | EXTREME Cleaning Motivation!

My Sunday Cleaning Routine and it is certainly some extreme cleaning motivation for anyone trying to be a mom boss at get things done! So crank up this video and clean with me throughout your house and if you enjoy my cleaning videos, let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe!

8 Weeks Pregnancy Update! Pregnant Belly Shot And Symptoms

I'm 8 Weeks Pregnancy Update with baby number 5! In today's update I discuss several topics about my first ultrasound, pregnancy symptoms, the baby's heartbeat and include a belly shot of how I am starting to show this early on. If you are pregnant subscribe and follow along with me on this journey! I will be doing these every week! #pregnant #pregnancy #8weeks

Christmas House Tour 2018

Sharing my Christmas house tour 2018! Being in our new house, I had to pick up some new items for the different spaces and everything turned out amazing for Holiday decor. Christmas decorations are by far my favorite time to revamp a space and with the help of my friend Brianna K, we got some really cute new decorations for my home this Holiday season.

What I Got My Kids For Christmas 2018!

What I got my kids for Christmas 2018 and this year I did things a bit different for gift ideas for kids. For each kids I got them less total gifts and instead they are receiving one large one each that I know they will love for Christmas. By far the most expensive and crazy gift was for Nakova and it was a Christmas gift she has been begging me to get her for over 2 years!

Day in the Life Of A Mom With 4 Kids

As a stay at home mom with 4 kids and pregnant with my 5th child, things are a bit crazy at times but with routine we make everything work! Homeschool is something I love to do and watch the kids personalities and minds grow with each day of lessons and fun. #Mykastauffer #stayathomemom #momlife

My First Pregnancy Symptoms! How I Knew...

I share all of my first pregnancy symptoms that I have been feeling since I got a positive pregnancy test! If you didn't know I'm pregnant, check out my live pregnancy test video where I was completely surprised and also the video where I told me husband!

Whole House Clean With Me || Cleaning Motivation

This new house has so many unique spaces that I am beginning to figure it out to best get it spotless when I do a whole house cleaning routine. I hope you enjoy the music and longer length clips so you can clean along with me and give it a big thumbs for slaying your day!

Dollar Tree Gift Ideas For Christmas 2018!

These diy gift ideas are really inexpensive but also super thoughtful and great ideas for anyone this holiday season. If you visit your dollar tree there are tons of other options to put together cute Christmas gifts so take a trip out and use these ideas and Clutterbugs to get all your Christmas gifts done today!

Telling My Husband I'm Pregnant

Telling My Husband I'm Pregnant With Our 5th Child!I cant believe his reaction! I thought of a super cute and emotional way to tell him that I am pregnant and he was so surprised to find out the news that we are expecting baby number 5! I can't wait to take you on this journey with me and let me know in the comments below if you are pregnant or TTC'ing!

Emotional Live Pregnancy Test! UNEXPECTED Results!

This was unexpected... My emotional live pregnancy test with results you will not believe! We currently have 4 kids and if this is a positive test result I will become a mom of 5 kids. I wanted to capture my pregnancy test reaction live because I truly wasn't sure what the result would be.

How To Crush Your Goals And Be Successful!

I am super excited to share with you how to crush your goals and be successful! I have 8 tips that can help you reach and achieve your goals and this is also a collab with my good friend Rachel Talbott and we sit down and share our tips to be successful so you can also be awesome at crushing your goals and being the boss you are!

My Winter Spa Routine And Recharge Day

I had so much fun making this video and we all definitly need to take those night where we can recharge and enjoy a nice spa routine! This winter spa routine includes my favorite snacks and treats, skin care routine, a hot soak in the tub, and relaxing in my bed with those snacks and some new magazines! What is one thing that is your favorite when you take time to recharge? #Mykastauffer #routine #winterroutine #sparoutine

New House Clean With Me | Deep Cleaning Routine!

Clean with me in my new home. It is surreal that this is my new home and I am in love with all of the details that make it so unique and truly a dream home. The windows are incredible and make the home so bright and fun to deep clean. This house was neglected and the previous owners did not take care of it or do much cleaning so the amount of dust, dirt, animal hair and filth definitely calls for a deep clean! #Mykastauffer #cleaning #cleanwithme #deepclean

My New House Tour 2018 || Empty Edition

My New House Tour that has been much anticipated and it is truly a gorgeous dream house. I will take you through each room of our house and it truly feels like a mansion with how open it is and we are so blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful house. #Mykastauffer #newhouse #housetour #dreamhouse SUBSCRIBE and HIT THAT BELL so you don't miss any of our videos! - Check Out My Website -

Huxley's First Year Home Post China Adoption

I can't believe it has already been 1 year since we went to China to adopt our little guy... Time has flown by even through the good times and the really hard ones. Adoption isn't easy and I don't want anyone to think it ever will be. Adopted children are beautiful in so many ways and with everything they go through its hard to imagine the pain and hardships they have endured... The only thing as a parent you can do is shower them with love, open your arms and be the best mom and dad humanly possible! #Mykastauffer #adoption #huxley

Minimalist: 25 Things To Get Rid Of Before You Move!

We are moving very soon into a new home and with all of the STUFF we have accumulated, we are in need of some major decluttering and minimalist approaches implemented as soon as possible. Getting rid of stuff and things we all have accumulated can sometimes be tricky and emotional but when logic is considered, a lot more then we realize can be let go. These minimalist tips will help even if you are not in the process of moving and be sure to let me know of one thing to get rid of in the comments below!

My Adoption Journey Begins: Domestic Adoption Vs International Adoption

My Adoption Journey Begins: Domestic Adoption Vs International Adoption! Today I spill the tea and share our feeling and what routes of adoption are truly pulling at our heart strings! This is going to be one incredible ride we feel like this most likely will be our last child, so we have been putting tons of thought into every aspect of the process!

My MOMMY Fall Night Routine 2018

Hope you enjoy todays nighttime routine as a sahm stay at home mom. What is one special thing you do for your night time routine? Let me know in the comments below!

60 Years Of Mom Fashion In 60 Seconds!

I had so much fun creating outfits, hairstyles and makeup looks for each decade from 1950s to the 2000s! Let me know in the comments below which look you loved and be sure to subscribe if you are new!!! My favorite by far was my 1950s makeover and 1950s outfit was also my husbands favorite!

Whole House Cleaning Routine Motivation!

Today I am bringing to you my All day cleaning motivation where I clean my whole house! We are moving into a new house super soon so I need to get this house in order! So lets clean this house and I hope you like this cleaning motivation during my cleaning routine!

HUGE LIFE UPDATE! Wait What... New House Shopping?

We have Huge Life update and an announcement that we cant wait to share with you guys... New House shopping? If you follow us on our vlog channel you might have already heard the news! But we wanted to make it public and official the we are buying a new house shopping!

MomMY Morning Routine - Mom of 4 Kids

I am excited to share with you my mommy morning routine, mom of 4 edition now that we are back to school and in the homeschool classroom! With 4 littles it is a little bit crazy but with a schedule my husband and I can make this family unit work!

My REAL Day In The Life of a MOM With 4 Kids

This is my most real Day in the life of a mom with 4 kids I have ever made and I am super excited to share you our day. As a homeschool mom, we have a unique dynamic and because of that we can turn days into fun field trips and learning experiences as well. Mom life can be a little crazy with four kids around my house but we have a ton of love, fun and I wouldn't change it for the world.\


This cleaning routine was the perfect thing to get done before hauling out all of the fall decorations for this year and I am excited to share with you the Fall decor I added to our lower level to add some simple and elegant charm to the space without going overboard this season.


Today we have a HUGE Announcement about baby #5 that we can't wait to share with you guys! If you follow us on our vlog channel you already in the loop. SO be sure to follow us on that channel as well!